About Us

Hi there! We're Kary (they/them) and Kate (they/them) and BYHO is our small batch stained glass business. We are glass artists living and working out of Philadelphia, PA with our sweet dog Charlie (pictured below). 

Our glass journey started when we signed up for a stained glass workshop back in 2021 as a date idea. We quickly learned that this was a medium we wanted to dive deeper into. If you're wondering how we came up with the name, Bleed Your Heart Out, it's really just a reflection of us. We are your typical heart-on-your-sleeve hopeless romantics who also play with glass. An equal parts combo of soft shapes and sharp edges.  

We are not only partners in business, but also partners in life. Deeply immersed in queer culture, our art is a reflection of our identities and experiences as queer artists. Most of our designs take form as soft-goth and cottagecore inspired glass sun-catchers, with a special focus on all things ~queer~

When you think of stained glass, one of the first images that might come to mind is a cathedral or church window depicting religious symbolism. While these art pieces display incredible talent and beauty, they are often found in settings where queer people have historically been oppressed. Our mission is to bring a contemporary twist to this traditional art form by making stained glass more accessible and queer. We believe this helps us connect with our community and support queer people in finding art that reflects their true selves. 


Kary & Kate

Kary (left) and Kate (right) vending in 2022

Charlie: Head of Puplick Relations